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 We Need Your Support: A Call for Bird Safety Advocates! 


Rochester Art Center is on a mission to create a haven for our feathered friends and elevate the intersection of art and conservation.

In 2024, we aim to install two magnificent 50-foot-tall window installations by the talented duo Alyssa Baguss and Erin Sharkey. These installations will not only serve as artistic expressions but also act as deterrents to the tragic bird collisions that have plagued our building since its construction in 2004.

Baguss plans to install poetry and imagery on the surfaces of the front and rear windows at the Rochester Art Center using perforated vinyl decals that prevent bird strikes while still allowing for light to enter the museum and guests to see out. Erin Sharkey has offered to collaborate on this project through the creation of a short poem with conceptual themes of sky, flight, and migration. In response to Sharkey’s poem, Baguss will create a drawing working with these themes. The words of her poem will be installed on the front windows of the art center and my drawing will be adhered to the back windows of the art center.

Join us in transforming our windows into a sanctuary for both art and nature. This project promises to be a landmark initiative, showcasing the power of art to make a positive impact on our environment. Together, let's build a safer haven for our airborne companions.


Why Donate?


Preserve Biodiversity: Your contribution helps safeguard the lives of countless birds, ensuring their safe passage along the riverfront.


Foster Artistic Expression: Support the fusion of art and functionality as Baguss and Sharkey create poetic, visually captivating installations that make a meaningful impact.


Community Engagement: Be part of a movement that inspires residents to take action, learn, and implement simple measures to prevent bird collisions at home.


How Your Donation Helps:


Installation Costs: Your funds directly contribute to the creation and installation of these impactful window installations, designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and bird-friendly.


Community Outreach: Support educational programs that raise awareness about bird collisions and empower individuals to make a difference in their own spaces.


Sustain the Initiative: Ensure the longevity of the installation by assisting with maintenance costs, preserving its impact for years to come.


Join Us in Making a Difference!


Whether you're an individual passionate about nature or a business looking to invest in a project with purpose, your support matters. Every donation, big or small, contributes to a safer, more harmonious environment for both art enthusiasts and our avian neighbors.

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