Vertical Currency
Five Years of Emerging Artists at Rochester Art Center

September 25, 2010– January 9, 2011

featuring work by:
Liz Miller, Tema Stauffer, Erik Ullanderson, Scott Stulen, Erika Olson, Viv Corringham, Anthony Marchetti, tectonic industries, Chris Deo, Janet Lobberecht, Jennifer Danos, David Bowen, Mary Reid Kelley, Nicholas Conbere, Eric William Carroll, Paula McCartney, Beth Jeffries Barnes, Ruben Nusz, Regan Golden and Joe Sinness

In the fall of 2004, the Rochester Art Center initiated an ongoing exhibition series devoted to emerging artists working in Minnesota - the 3rd Floor Emerging Artist Series. Founded on the principle of critical engagement with new practices in contemporary art, the Rochester Art Center has since presented 20 exhibitions, all reflecting the broad spectrum of concepts and working methodologies of young artists in the state. By fostering experimentation and utilizing the flexible conditions inherent in the Rochester Art Center's Atrium Gallery, the exhibitions have provided unique opportunities for the artist, the institution and the viewer, allowing for innovative and expanded possibilities for the presentation, discussion, and understanding of contemporary art. The 3rd Floor Emerging Artist Series has been instrumental in introducing the work of young artists to Minnesota audiences, and has helped to foster the early careers of underrepresented and under recognized artists.

To mark the five-year anniversary of this series, the Rochester Art Center presents Vertical Currency: Five Years of Emerging Artists at the Rochester Art Center. Each of the 20 artists that have participated in the series to date are included in the exhibition, providing an opportunity to understand and view subtle shifts or evolutionary changes in the artists practice. All formal galleries and select public spaces will be utilized for this presentation, providing over 6000 square feet of space for the exhibition.

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 25, 7 pm