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Installation of Pillar Sundial by C. Anthony Huber at Cascade Lake Regional Park, 2021.

Call for Art Proposals 2024

The Rochester Park and Recreation Department with support from Rochester Art Center is seeking artists and/or artist groups to design and fabricate two works of art for our new regional park in southwest Rochester. The new artwork is to be installed in 2024. One proposal will be selected for each project and the artist(s) will be awarded the dollar amounts outlined below.  The two pieces will be considered separate projects.  Artists can submit for one or both of the pieces.


Artwork will be installed by October 31, 2024. Applications open January 10, 2024, and close February 10, 2024 at 11:45 pm.


Cascade Lake Regional Park

A master planning process initiated in 2003 by the City of Rochester Park and Recreation Department and finished in 2005 laid the groundwork by which gravel mining areas along Cascade Creek would be transformed into a premier multi-use park. The vision created was for a park that built on the area’s water and natural resource features, its history as a mining site, and for a lake which is at the heart of recreational activities.


Cascade Lake Regional Park, located at 88 23rd Avenue SW has since grown incrementally over the years, adding bike trails, bridges, wildlife habitat, streambank and wetland restoration. In 2015 the park was designated as a MN Park and Trail of Regional Significance, allowing for 1.5 million dollars in grant funding through the Greater Minnesota Parks and Trail Commission in 2017.


From 2017-2020 5.5 acres of park were more intensively developed and feature children’s play areas, a pavilion for outdoor activities, walking trails, a beach, paved parking lot with sustainable stormwater treatment, natural gardens, open turf areas for active play, and pedestrian bridges connecting the park with the neighborhoods to the south and east.


Thanks to private and public funding the 246 acre park now resembles the vision set out in 2005. Future phases to the park will include an amphitheater for outdoor concerts, a visitor center, beach house, additional picnic areas and trails, a fishing pier, boathouse and boat launches.

Project #1 | Round-About Artwork

Artwork number one will be located in the round-about located near the new Cascade Lakeside building.  The artwork should reflect the context of the park as a natural amenity within an urban setting.  It should also be influenced by the park's history as a sand and gravel quarry and the importance of Cascade Creek (which flows through and around the lake) as an important water resource within the community.  Budget: $50,000.

Apply to this project online:

Project #2 | Entrance Sign

Project number two is a park identification sign located on the north side of 23rd Avenue near the entrance to the park.  As with project #1 the entrance sign should also be influenced by the park's history as a sand and gravel quarry and the importance of Cascade Creek (which flows through and around the lake) as an important water resource within the community.


The sign should read “Cascade Lake Park” and contain the logos for Rochester Park and Recreation, and Legacy Amendment. The successful sign concept should ultimately comply with the City of Rochester Zoning Ordinance and Unified Development Code Section 60.400.110 Signs. Permits for signage installation will likely be required.  Park and Recreation Staff will aid the successful applicant in compliance with sign regulations as necessary.  

Budget: $20,000

Apply to this project online:


Artists 18 years of age or older living in Minnesota and neighboring states are invited to submit proposals individually or collaboratively. Individuals who do not meet the age requirement can participate by having an age appropriate individual sponsor and be responsible for the proposal.


Selection Criteria

Proposals will be judged based on artistic merit as evidenced by representation of past work, the proposal itself, and other supporting materials. A selection committee consisting of working artists, curators, arts professionals and a representative of the Parks and Recreation Department will review and select proposals by March 15, 2024. The Board of Parks and Recreation will ultimately provide their approval for the project to proceed.

Please review the entire Call For Proposals: Click Here for pdf | Click Here for Word Doc

Link to application for project #1 | Round-About Artwork: | Click here for a pdf

Link to application for project #2 | Entrance Sign:  | Click here for a pdf

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Art4Trails Sculptures | Permanent

"Playtime" by Jamie Weinfurter

7th Street NE Near Silver Lake

"Drinking Sunshine" by Craig Snyder

Bear Creek Park

"Unbroken" by Katya Roberts

Mayo Park

"The Send Off" by Sebastien Richer

3rd Ave SE Near Government Center

"Biking Bunny" by Richard Brubaker

Soldier's Field Park near Castle Park

"Nautilus" by Kristopher Tiffany

Rochester Art Center back patio

"Tractor Cat" by Richard Brubaker

Roy Sutherland Playground

"The Artist" by Richard Brubaker

Rochester Art Center

"Untitled" by Hugh Butt

Mayo Park East

"Pyramide" by Sebastien Richer

Kings Run Area

"Phoenix Rising" by Richard Brubaker

Soldier's Field

"Sunrise, Sunset" by Richard Brubaker

Mayo Park East

"Flathead" by Andy Arend

Kutzky Park

"Perfect Canoe" by Sebastien Richer

Mayo Park East

Past Art4Trails Sculptures

"Cyclist" by Victor Yepez

River Landing

"Yield" by Zoe Cinel & Eric Anderson

Bear Creek Park

"Blast From the Past" by Peter Segar

Silver Lake Fire Station

"Greeting Tower" by Sunghee Min

River Landing

"Variations on a Circle of Fifths" by Isaac Kidder

Slatterly Park

"Spark of Magic" by Sunghee Min

Silver Lake Fire Station

"Reluctant Swimmer" by Simon Huelsbeck

River Landing

"Bicycle Tree" by Joshua Schroeder

Silver Lake Fire Station

"Portal Paraboloid" by Greg Mueller

Mayo Park East

"Meandering Connections" by Ryan & James Pederson

Silver Lake Fire Station

"Alchemist" by Bobby Marines

Mayo Park East

"Loom" by Jamie Weinfurter

Mayo Park East

"Fantastical Fruit" by Amarama Vercnocke

Mayo Park East

"Reclaim" by Mary Beth Magyar

Mayo Park East

"Huldufolk (Elf) House" by Jerry Carlson

Slatterly Park

"Golden Spirit" by Victor Yepez

Slatterly Park

"Heron" by Judd Nelson

River Landing

"Letting Go" by Judd Nelson

River Landing

Artist Talks

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